In Milestone One, as an HR consultant, you submitted a change readiness report. While you were performing your change readiness assessment, five employees from the U.S. call center quit as a group, along with the well-liked team lead.
Top management is very concerned about this sudden incident. The VP has asked for your help in identifying a permanent solution to the issue of attrition at the U.S. branch of the Singaporean software solutions provider.
You understand that attrition is primarily the result of low employee engagement. You are also aware that different employees may be engaged in diverse ways. You decide to make a presentation to explain the significance of employee engagement to the company leadership. You plan to also include the critical factors that influence employee engagement.
Create a PowerPoint presentation with narration to help the business leaders in the course scenario understand how and why their employees are disengaged. Create speaker notes if necessary, for each slide. Specifically, you need to address the following criteria:
Note: Remember to use both on-screen text and narration or speaker notes in your PowerPoint slides to convey your information effectively. If, due to technical challenges, narration is not possible, precise and extensive speaker notes should be used, while addressing all the rubric elements in the presentation. For example, you can use brief bulleted lists on the slide and include detailed explanations in your narration or speaker notes.

Determine the impact of employee disengagement on attrition and productivity. (2 slides)

Which conditions adversely influence employee engagement?
How does employee disengagement impact attrition?
How does employee disengagement influence productivity?

Describe two critical factors that influence employee engagement. (2 slides)

How can an organization positively influence workforce engagement levels?

Identify and describe strategies (at least one) that can be used for improving employee engagement at the U.S. branch. (2–3 slides)
Use the Employee Engagement Surveys and Leaders’ Self-Evaluations to assess the engagement levels of the employees at the U.S. branch. (2 slides)

Which conditions that adversely influence employee engagement are evident from the employee engagement surveys?
Are there any data points that indicate employees are disengaged?

Consider emphasizing these data points visually.

Guidelines for Submission
Submit a PowerPoint presentation with 8–9 slides. If references are included, they should be cited in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.MBA 687: Employee Engagement Surveys

Response Rate
The survey response rate is the first indication of the level of employee engagement
in any organization. Of the 140 employees invited to take the survey, 40 responded,
which is a response rate of 28.5%. As a rule, rates higher than 50% are best, while
rates lower than 40% may indicate trust problems within the organization, lack of
faith in leadership, and employees’ reluctance to engage in improvement efforts
until leadership demonstrates a clear commitment to change.

Company Data
1. Years of service with this organization

Less than 1: 52.5% of respondents
1–2: 27.5% of respondents
3–5: 15% of respondents
6–10: 2.5% of respondents
11–15: 0
16+: 0
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

2. My race/ethnic identification

African American or Black: 60% of respondents
Hispanic or Latino/a/x: 12.5% of respondents
Anglo American or White: 12.5% of respondents
Asian: 5% of respondents
American Indian or Pacific Islander: 0
Multiracial or Other: 7.5% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

3. I am currently in a supervisory role

Yes: 7.5% of respondents
No: 90% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

4. I received a merit increase during the past two years

Yes: 7.5% of respondents
No: 90% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 5% of respondents

5. I received a promotion during the past two years

Yes: 7.5% of respondents
No: 90% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

6. I plan to be working for this organization in one year

Yes: 60% of respondents
No: 12.5% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 27.5% of respondents

Employee Engagement Questions
Professional Development:

• In the last six months, my manager has talked to me about my progress, and
we developed goals to help me grow.

o 36% agreement
• I am satisfied with the on-the-job training I have received.

o 27% agreement
• There is adequate cross-training in my department.

o 36% agreement

Company Vision, Values, and Mission:
• I am familiar with the company’s vision and values.

o 26% agreement
• I have a clear understanding of the organization’s direction.

o 36% agreement
• The organization is changing for the better.

o 26% agreement

Teamwork or Workgroup:

• I receive the support I need from employees in my workgroup to do my job

o 89% agreement
• My coworkers make me feel that I am part of the team.

o 78% agreement
• I trust my coworkers.

o 83% agreement
• My workgroup cooperates to get the job done.

o 73% agreement

Senior Leader/Middle Manager:
• Senior leaders focus on creating a positive team atmosphere.

o 36% agreement
• Senior leaders are open, honest, and transparent.

o 36% agreement
• Senior leaders encourage and empower me to take initiative and suggest

o 26% agreement

• My middle manager is open, honest, and transparent. MBA 687 LEADERS SELF EVALUATIONS

Note: Individuals rate their skill levels on the following scale:
Not Skilled | Minimally Skilled | Somewhat Skilled | Skilled | Very Skilled

Title: Vice President
Job Summary
Leads departments and operations for an entire organization and creates its overall vision,
mission, values, beliefs, and strategic goals. Directs and evaluates other executive leaders’
work and the success of the organization. Maintains awareness of external and internal
competitive landscapes, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, and new industry
developments and standards. Manages the strategic plan that guides the direction of a
team’s business and collaboratively works with the executive management team to identify,
prioritize, and act upon company needs, focusing on integration strategies to ensure optimal
efficiency. This position requires competencies such as analytic and strategic thought, vision,
orientation to detail, customer focus, talent management, resource management, and
leadership skills.

Vice President Self-Assessment:
As I reflect on this past year, I have driven business expansion from startup and evaluated the
organization’s success. This past year, we identified ways to increase revenue and decrease
costs by 10%. I analyzed financial reports with the accounting manager, prepared new
operating budgets, and greenlit pilot projects using AI and chatbots to compete in an
increasingly digital economy. My understanding of the external factors affecting the
organization will help us think ahead and be ready for changes in the market. My most
tremendous success was bridging the gap between the company’s day-to-day running and
the board of directors’ sweeping visions. Since taking on the new role, I realize my leadership
skills come from years of experience and knowledge throughout life. This wisdom has
impacted my judgments, decisions, and actions. I have learned to focus on a clear purpose
and mission. I have consistently shown commitment and motivation since joining the
company, and I want us to succeed. I am a leader who focuses on meeting set deadlines and
objectives on time. I realize that I can be too controlling in a project, and I don’t give other
team members enough room to contribute or develop their ideas. I must learn to give others
more space and let them take the initiative, too. Maybe I should try harder to promote the
company’s culture and values within my team. While I regularly hold meetings with this in
mind, I should focus on boosting team spirit and collaboration. I am often frustrated, and I
find it hard to communicate when faced with other leaders’ behaviors. Despite the challenges
we faced this past year, I am incredibly proud of what my team and I have accomplished
during the past year.

Skill Level: Not



Skilled: Very

Your level of
each competency

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