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The Urgency of Intersectionality is the speech given by Kimberele Crenshaw at
TED-Women 2016. She begins the speech by mentioning name of African Americans
who experienced police brutality in the United States. Crenshaw uses the theory of
intersectionality to explain the audience that the overwhelming underrepresentation of
violence against women of color in media, politics and activism.
First, she mentioned that the efforts of the mobilization of resources to address a
social problem are not enough. She admits that in the event there is no name for a
problem, the problem cannot be seen. She urge people to see this problem because
without seeing the problem, it is very difficult and cannot be solved.
Second, she talks about the case of Emma Degraddennreid, which she came
across when she was a law student. Emma was women of color who brought a lawsuit
against manufacturing company after the company deny hiring her because of her race
and gender. The judge dismissed her case mentioning the company-hired people of color
in the past. Crenshaw mentions this as an injustice to Emma. In addition, she imagined
Emma at the intersection because Emma was a female and an African-American. Such
intersection can be seen in the theory of intersectionality, and it describes the overlapping
social identities that connected with racism.
Finally, she said that clearly women of color experience a lot of discrimination
due to their race and gender identities. Social identities include race to gender to sexuality
to disability and these discriminations exist on different levels which results in
multidimensional experience to the people of color particularly women. To conclude, the
main aim of the speech was to bring to the attention of the public about the women who
have been forgotten.
I think the speech comprises of both informative and persuasive elements because
the primary focus of the speech is on the intersectionality of gender and race on the case
of African-American. The speaker uses the proof of Emma to highlight the injustice she
faced when a company refuses to hire her due to her race and gender. In contrast, the
speech is informative as well because she talks about the fact of the African-American
who have been forgotten due to their social identity.
It is undeniable that the setting of a speech influences the ability to give a speech
and the ability of the audience to listen. I believe, the speaker adapts the speech to the
interest of the audience and their attitudes and level of understanding. She takes an
audience-centered approach while delivering the speech, which makes her speech
The audience of the speaker are people who are concerned about the issue of racial
injustice, and the people of color particularly women. I figure out her possible audience
as soon as she bark out the names of African-American guys, who were killed by the
police in the last few years. Crenshaw described the injustice faced by an AfricanAmerican woman during hiring process by the company. Her example was very specific
regarding women and being African-American. By providing example filled with detail
information, I think she is adapting to the audience adequately. In addition, I believe the
speaker is already aware about the attitude and desire of the audience on the issue of
African-American. Therefore, she is able to convince the audience to speak out against
injustices committed to the African-American people due to their gender and color.
Her speech was very smooth. Because her message was quite powerful and
important, the speech filled with emotional stories, which drags undivided attention of the
audiences. She had unique opening statements, which creates curiosity in the mind of
audience and she is able to gather audience attention successfully. During the speech,
there is the need to keep the information passed organized. Also, arranging the
information in a logical order helps speaker to establish their credibility, which she did
successfully by telling a true story about African-American women. In terms of
organization, the speech is organized in a topical division structure where speaker
mentions aspects and topics. In this particular speech, the speaker is concerned on people
of color who are victims of injustices.
Clearly, her speech has an introduction with attention generator, context, the
climax of the story, her message and the conclusion about the topic; therefore, her speech
was effective and arrangement makes sense to the audience.
Public speaker often uses ethos, pathos and logos as a mode of persuasion
while delivering the speech. Crenshaw utilizes these persuasion techniques in her
speech to convince audience with regard to the issues affecting the women of color.
First, ethos indicates convincing the audience of the character of the persuader. On
the other hand, pathos is a way of convincing the audience of the argument created.
Next, a logo persuades an individual based on reason.
While trying to get attention with the use of pathos, Crenshaw uses example
of the African-American women as a means of persuading the audience since this
appeals to their real emotions. By telling the story of the injustice that AfricanAmerican experience due to their social background, it appeals sympathy from the
audience. In addition, ethos are utilized by the speaker in the first part of the speech
when she asked all the audience to stand and help identify the names of AfricanAmerican women who have lost their lives in the previous year. Next, in terms of
logos, Crenshaw discovers that there is the need for the creation of a cacophony of
sound on behalf of her intentions. People need to bring the women into light and
help address the challenges facing them.
Nonverbal communication plays an important role while delivering speech. When
delivering a speech, our body movement reflects almost as much as our actual words.
Few things, but not limited to such as eye contact, body orientation, posture, facial
expression, gesture, level of their education and the setting pays into how audience
understand the message.
The speaker’s non-verbal delivery stands out because she makes natural gesture
and excites the audience. She also maintains consistency with her ideas on
intersectionaliy. Crenshaw’s facial expression indicates that she is expressing a real
concern for the lost lives of the African-American people especially women. Her facial
expression with very serious message was truly effective because she did not alter her
facial expression during her speech rather she maintains her facial expression consistent
with her ideas as she move forward delivering the speech. Lastly, she also creates a sense
of humor within the presentation and helps in entire presentation lively.
I think her speech is more about advocating women right particularly in AfricanAmerican communities. The feeling of racial discrimination evoke on me after she talks
about the story of Emma, who was not hired by the manufacturing company. I feel this
way because if she is capable to work in the company, what is the reason behind Emma
not being hired. One and only possible and oblivious conclusion that comes to mind is
discrimination. I come to this conclusion not by just listening Emma’s story, but there are
hundreds of stories in America that black people don’t get hired as much as any other
race and often they don’t her promoted to the next level.
The speech was cohesively effective because the speaker has organized the
speech under the aspects and topics of intersectionality. Through her use of persuasive
techniques, Crenshaw is able to invoke emotions an how the African-American women
are mistreated or treated badly due to the gender and color. By explaining such injustices,
the audience comprehends the need for speaking out on further injustices in the future.

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