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Question 1 Based on the knowledge that you have gained about God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, provide
a comparative description in these 3 religions. How does each religion describe God? How do you compare
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are monotheistic religions, so they believe in only one God who is
the creator and sustainer of the universe and all-knowing and all powerful. They worship the same God
of Adam, Abraham, and Moses. However, their concepts of God in their respective theologies are quit
First of all, Jews believe in a single all powerful God who created the universe and every thing in
it. The name of God in Hebrew is Yahweh. Jews also believe that God formed a special relationship
with them that makes them “chosen people” to be chosen in a covenant with God. Thus they claimed
that they didn’t choose God, but in fact God choose them.
Secondly, Christians claim that they believe in one only God. They believe in something called the
Trinity which means God in three persons. They believe God the father + God the son + + God the Holy
Spirit = One God. They also believe each of the three person has different and separate character, and
each performs different duties.
Lastly, Muslims believe in pure monotheism. Allah is an Arabic name of God. Allah is the creator
and sustainer of the whole universe and most merciful, aspects that make him worth worshiping. Muslim
believe that every creature and every natural phenomenon as as sing of Allah. Muslims also believe
Allah has no father, no mother, no son, and no daughter and there is no one equal to him. Allah is also
the same God of all prophets. Muslims reject the concept of the Trinity and they consider it as
blasphemy against God.
In short, Jews and Muslims greatly emphasis the oneness of unity of God and heavily rejected the
concept of the Trinity as claimed by Christians. In other hand believing in Trinity is considered to be
one of the most important of theology of Christianity.
Question 2 Based on the knowledge (and experience) that you have gained about the prayers in Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam, provide a comparative description in these 3 religions highlighting their similarities and
First of all, in Judaism there are three prayers a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Though the
prayers are possible any time and even with out words. Also praying with congregation is traditionally
preferable. Thus some particular prayers require the presence of a minyan and synagogues allow Jews to
gather community prayers.
In Christianity, the prayer is act of communicating with God and prayer can take on different form
such as written or silent communications. Also prayer the freest expression of religious, so it could be
performed in any place. They see it as not only something they side it in a particular time for each day.
In addition, there are two form of prayers in Christianity public and privet. Public such as joining their
fellow christens to celebrated the mass in Sunday at the church.
Lastly, In Islam, Muslims pray five times per and required conditions such as the purification, time
and direction. Muslim stand facing the direction of the holy house, Macca. When Muslim pray together
they stand shoulder to shoulder. For the man, they should prey in Mosque if it is possible for them, while
the woman could prey at home. Also there is another form of prayer which is supplicatory prayer and
may occured any time or place and it is called duaa.
Question 3 Based on what you have learned about the beliefs of Muslims about death and next life in
the class materials, what are the 3 most important or most interesting points to you? Explain each point
in a separate short paragraph.
One of the most important that I have learned about the beliefs of Muslims about death and next
life is the stage of death. I have learned the death in Islam is not the end of life, but it it is transition of
life form to another and the death would be of body alone not a soul. At the moment of death, one will
see the sings of future destiny. Another important thing is Barzakh which is generally viewed as the
barrier between the physical and spiritual world in while the waiting of death and resurrection.
The second important thing is the concept of A’raaf (heights) which basically are a place of
between Heaven and Hell reserved for people who aren’t good enough to entire the Heaven and at the
same time not evil enough to entire Hell. It’s a place where the people can see all the suffering in Hell
and wish to not go there, while at the same time they see the delights of paradise. After which God. In
his infinite mercy allows them to enter paradise.
Lastly, the most important thing is that truly believing in God lead to belief in next life. If one
believes in all knowing, all powerful and all wise God will defiantly believe in next life in fact how
would a wise God create this sophisticated world with out a bigger purpose and if God crated the life for
the first time is easy to create for second time.
Question 4 Based on what you have learned about the Quran in this class, what are the 3 most
important or most interesting points to you? Explain each point in a separate short paragraph.
The first and most interesting point for me is the revelation and completion of Quran during the
prophet’s life. The first revelation came to the prophet Mohammad when he was 40 years old when he
was in the cave. After every revelation, the prophet memorized it and then recite the verses to his
companions right after his encounter with angel. Also the prophet paid attention towards its scribing, so
the scribes wrote on what ever materials was available that time. Also the angel reviewed the entire
Quran with prophet Muhammad every year during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Also other reviews
were done twice during the last year of his life. After prophet Muhammad death, the completion of
Quran was complied book form during time of Abu Baker and it was only one copy. Then the more
copies were made during time of Uthmn (the third Caliph).
The second interesting thing is the contains of Quran. Although the Quran contains foundation for
an entire system of life and covering a whole spectrum of topics such as introducing God, extensive
coverage of all beliefs in Islam, stories of past prophets and communities, rules of war and paces and
many many other aspects. However, Quran in not just a book of prayers but the main purpose of all
contents is the guidance of humanity.
Lastly, I found the idea of translation of Quran is interesting for me. I have always wondered why
the Quran was translated into other language because there is a great difference between Quran in its
original Arabic and its translations and I truly believe that is has to to read in Arabic to fully and clearly
understand it. However, I came to understand that there was some argument about it before the
translation. Also every Muslim should know that the translated versions are not called “The Quran” but
the translation of Quran.

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