For this essay, the chosen topic is parenting. Please disregard the other topic. I have attached the 6 subtopics that MUST be covered. I have also attached the template to use. I have also attached a link (in the topics attachment) that will provide an example of a paper and how it needs to be formatted. It must follow this format just like the example provided. The topic must represent your personal experience – not history, research, observation or the experience of a third party. The essay should demonstrate a high level of expertise. I have also attached my autobiography to provide you with a little background about myself. Please let me know if you have any questions. This must be written in first person.Hi, my name is Joni Wilcox. I was born November 1, 1975 to Claude and Ann Eggers. We live
in Tennessee. I have two older brothers, Gary and Larry. As a child, I enjoyed spending time
with my cousin, Donna and going shopping with my mom and grandmother on Saturday’s. My
mother worked at a glove plant sewing gloves and my father worked for the county highway
department. When my dad had a day off he would always come pick me up from school. My
mom and dad would always go out to eat every Sunday. We always went to the same place. It
became obvious that I didn’t care for the place we ate at and my dad would always take me to a
fast food place and order me something. I would just carry it in and eat. My parents always made
sure I had what I needed and sometimes what I wanted. I had a love for animals. I always had a
dog. Things changed. It was Memorial Day. The year was 1985. I remember telling my father
bye that morning as I walked to get on the school bus. He was off that day so he would be
picking me up from school. That afternoon he never showed up. Along the bus route, my aunt
was parked to pick me up. She took me to my grandmother’s house. It was there that I learned
the devastating news. I was told my father had passed away. I was nine years old and devastated.
He had a massive heart attack. It took some time but my mom and I learned to adjust to life
without him. My older brothers were both married and at the time each had a son. It was just my
mom and I. I spend a lot of time with my cousin after my father passed. She stayed at my house
day and night when we weren’t in school. Several years passed and my mom began dating again.
She never remarried but I thought of this man as a dad. He was there for me and provided what I
needed when mom couldn’t. He taught me how to drive and he took me to buy my first car. I
can remember the vacations we went on as a family. We took several vacation trips to Florida
and when I was a junior in high school, I drove to Florida one summer. I stayed the entire
summer in Florida. I had a blast. This was something that I needed to do for myself. I just needed
to get away. After returning to Tennessee, I finished high school. After high school, I started
taking some classes at a community college. It wasn’t long until I realized I was not ready for
college. I was not focused. I returned home and started working at a convenience store. I
continued to work there for several years. I began dating a guy and thought I had found my true
love. We dated for seven years. We had two sons, Tyler and Dalton. He turned out to be an
alcoholic and drug addict. I could not be a part of that lifestyle. The kids and I moved back in
with my mom. A few years later, I met a man whom would later be my husband. We dated for
two years and then we were married. He adopted my two sons and raised them as his own. A few
years later, my husband and I had a daughter, Lily. I thought my life was complete. As a child,
Dalton and Lily both required a lot of my attention. Tyler on the other hand, was very laid back.
Dalton was hyper and had stomach issues and I needed to constantly make sure he did not get out
of control. Lily’s muscle tone was not developed. She required physical therapy a couple times a
week until she was almost two years old. She finally walked when she was eighteen months old.
To look at her now, you would never know she had any issues when she was younger. The years
went on, the kids were growing up and while they were growing up, my husband and I were
growing apart. We ended up getting a divorce. The kids were 14, 12 and 6. This was not easy on
any of us. We learned to adjust. In the beginning, we thought we had the parenting arrangements
worked out. That did not last. It wasn’t long until when it was his weekend to get the kids,
something would come up and he would not see them. They see him at Christmas and that’s all.
That is his choice. About five years ago, I began my career in health care. I started out working
as a receptionist at a family practice. After a few years, I moved to an urgent care facility as a
receptionist. I stayed at this position for two years and went into the billing department. After
two years, I was the lead billing and follow up specialists. This is my current job today. During
this time frame, I began raising miniature dachshunds. I have a passion for dachshunds. I started
out with two and it quickly grew. I now have two outdoor climate controlled kennels that most of
my dogs are in. I raise puppies year round. I almost always have someone on a waiting list
looking for a miniature dachshund. Parenting and breeding dogs became my passion. This helped
both the kids and I get through all the turmoil of the divorce and just life in general. My ex
husband and had many court dates trying to get things finalized but the sad part was he was just
worried about how much money he had to pay and not the kids. I wanted so badly for him to
remain a part of their lives but that is not how it worked out. I have basically been a single parent
off and on all throughout my children’s life. My brother went through a divorce also and I helped
him practically raise his twin daughters. They were more like my daughters instead of my niece.
I took care of them. When they needed to go to the doctor, I took them. If they needed things for
school, most of the time my mom and I bought what they needed. One of the twins now has a
daughter. I was there with her during her pregnancy and her birth. Both of my nieces are an
inspiration to me. I want to always make sure they have what they need and look out for them
like they are my own children. I love them as my own. A few years passed and things began to
get better. It was during this time in my life, I met an extraordinary man. We later began dating
and now we are engaged. My kids adore him and he loves them so much. My oldest son, Tyler
has graduated high school and is taking classes at a technical school. He wants to work as a
HVAC technician. Dalton is a sophomore and wants to go into the medical field or join the
ARMY. Lily is still in elementary school and loving every minute of it. I look back on my life
today and I don’t have any regrets. My children are my life and now I have met my soul mate.
We are a happy family. It’s not often that we get to spend a lot of time together as a family due
to work schedules, school, etc. When we do have time, we enjoy going on vacation and making
memories as a family like I did when I was younger. We still vacation to Florida. The kids love
the water and so do we. We like to go spend time on the beach and out on the town at night.
Now, I go to work in the mornings, my oldest son Tyler, puts Lily and Dalton on the bus and
then he goes on to school. We all get home about the same time now and get to spend the
evenings together. Those afternoons can be hectic at times. We have homework to do, dogs to
feed and sometimes we have puppies being born. So, it is never a dull moment at our house but I
would never want to change any of it. I look forward to my upcoming marriage and seeing what
is in store for my kids. I am also looking forward to my career and completing my degree.
Experiential Learning Essay Template
Review this check list in prior to submitting your experiential learning essay. If you have completed all of the
items listed below, you are ready to submit your essay. Keep in mind, your evaluator may still request
additional material, however, the list below will guide in your essay submission preparations. Not adhering
to these guidelines will cause a delay in processing.
** Review each of the items below and check if you have completed each of them:
1. I have selected an approved essay topic from the essay course descriptions page.
2. Some essays have specific experience requirements. I have checked the essay description and I
meet all of the experience requirements listed.
3. I have written and included a 1,500 to 2,100 word autobiography; autobiography is only required
with first Experiential Learning Essay, subsequent essays do not require additional autobiographies.
4. I have written an experiential essay: 3,000 to 4,500 words for 3 credit essay
5. My essay is written in first person (1st) without references.
6. I have written to all four (4) areas of Kolb’s model of learning.
7. I have addressed all of the required subtopics in each of the four areas of Kolb’s model of learning.
8. I have included supporting documentation that validates my personal/professional experience with
the essay course description/topic.
9. My essay is based on personal, life learning experiences, not based on research, history, or another
individual’s learning experiences.
Experiential Learning Essay Template
Kolb’s Model
Below is a description of Kolb’s Model. All experiential essays must be written following Kolb’s Model. Below
you will find the four sections of Kolb’s Model, a brief description of the section, and a sample of how that
section should be addressed. The samples are pulled from the sample essay found on the PLA website, and it is
recommended that you review the sample essay for a more complete example of how to write an experiential
essay in Kolb’s Model. The words on this page do not count toward the essay length requirement.
1. Description of Concrete Experience
Description: Concrete experience represents your personal participation with the people, places, activities,
and events of an experience. You should describe your involvement relative to the experience, demonstrating
the opportunity for learning.
Sample: My career in public relations started off as a staff assistant in the Public Information Office of a
community college system. After two years of on-the-job training, I was promoted to the position of
community relations officer.
2. Reflections
Description: Reflections represent your thinking and processing relative to the experience. You should
demonstrate your learning by describing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed through the reflective
Sample: I have observed that some organizations are very good at garnering free publicity. They appear at
local events and frequently appear as experts in television and newspaper interviews.
3. Generalizations/Principles/Theories
Description: Generalizations, principles, and theories are constructs that organize and guide academic
learning. A typical college course is built around several such generalizations, principles, and/or theories.
In this stage, you identify and describe the generalizations, principles, and/or theories to demonstrate your
learning outcomes. These learning outcomes result from analyzing and reflecting on your experience. The
generalizations, principles, and/or theories should be comparable to those addressed in typical college courses
and should match the course description selected.
Sample: Whether working with large or small one-owner organizations, it makes no difference in establishing
rules, guidelines, or policies regarding image and public relations. Developing a detailed plan of action makes it
much easier to schedule and implement appropriate applicable strategies.
4. Testing and Application
Description: Testing and/or application represent situations in which the new learning can be used. You
should describe how you did, or could in the future, test and/or apply what you learned.
Sample: A fun promotional idea that emerged as a by-product profit center for the bookstore was t-shirts.
We printed t-shirts with the bookstore logo on the back with advertisements for the bookstore on the front.
Page | 2
Experiential Learning Essay Template
Individual Record Number:
Approved Essay Title:
Enter your name, the date, your IRN, and the approved essay title of the essay topic you have chosen from the
PLA website. When you are ready to begin writing the essay, type out the essay subtopics as they appear in the
essay course description, and follow the four steps of Kolb’s model.
Describe the experiences that taught you about the subtopic, reflect on that experience, explain the principles
learned, and then explain how those principles were tested and applied. You are then ready to move on to the
next subtopic. Follow this process until you meet the length requirement, and have addressed all required
subtopics. *Word count begins at the first subtopic.
Subtopic (1):
Description of Concrete Experience:
Generalizations, Principles and Theories:
Testing and Application:
Subtopic (2):
Description of Concrete Experience:
Generalizations, Principles and Theories:
Testing and Application:
Subtopic (3):
Description of Concrete Experience:
Page | 3
Experiential Learning Essay Template
Generalizations, Principles and Theories:
Testing and Application:
Subtopic (4):
Description of Concrete Experience:
Generalizations, Principles and Theories:
Testing and Application:
Subtopic (5):
Description of Concrete Experience:
Generalizations, Principles and Theories:
Testing and Application:
Subtopic (6):
Description of Concrete Experience:
Generalizations, Principles and Theories:
Testing and Application:
Page | 4

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