1500 words all details in attachmentplease i need the guidlines to be followed and maximum 6\% plagiarismlaws, concepts and frameworks in order to address the areas specified in the assignment. There
should be also a clear evidence of research and reading, with reference to appropriate sources.
To achieve a grade of 70\% or above(distinction)
In order to achieve a grade of 70\% or above, as well as satisfying all of the outlined criteria for
a pass, the student must demonstrate a detailed understanding and application of the
concepts and principles of various laws prevailing in the country.. The submission will be well
organised and contain all relevant data. It will show evidence of appropriate investigation
including research from a range of academic literature and other secondary sources of
information. Detailed answers will be given to each of the questions with appendices where
appropriate. There will be an evidence of wider reading through appropriate supporting
This assignment will assess learning outcomes:
1) A basic knowledge and understanding of the legal system and the legal structure of the
Gulf Region.
2) An appreciation of the formalities and principles governing the formation of business
contracts, formation and organization of business organization.
3) An ability to conduct simple directed research into the legal right and liabilities arising from
the affairs of business.
4) An ability to analyse problem situations and apply law to provide appropriate solutions.
5) An ability to work efficiently and effectively as part of a team.
Version 2
Page 3
Assignment Task
Amber and Sons is a well-known LLC Company (LLC.) based in Muscat. They are
dealing in laptops of different brands. It is a well-established company in Muscat. The
Company has created an outstanding goodwill in the market, and as a result is able to
get good credit facility from the suppliers and the agents.
One day the Company made an announcement about an offer through local
newspapers. They would like to sell 40 laptops at RO 65 each although the original
price of each laptop was RO130. In fact, they wanted to dispose of the old stock in
order to get the new one. The validity of the offer was from the 15th November to the
30th November 2016.
On the 25th of November 2016, Mr. Adel happened to drop into the showroom to take
the advantage of the offer and he found that there were only six laptops left. He
immediately decided to buy all six for himself and for his relatives. He paid RO 400, as
an advance and promised to pay the balance on the 30th of November 2016 and the
deal was done in black and white.
On the 29th of November when Adel came at 10 am to pay the balance amount and get
his stock of six laptops, he was told by the sales manager that only two laptops were
left for him. To his surprise, he found at the same time that one customer, Mr. Rashid,
arrived in the showroom asking for the four laptops reserved for him by the sales
Since Adel had reserved six laptops and paid the advance amount, he refused to take
two laptops. Adel discovered that the sales manager had sold the four laptops to
Rashid at RO 105 each without the knowledge of Adel.
Adel was disappointed with the behaviour of the sales manager and decided to sue
him in the government authority concerned.
Soon after that, due to a recession in the market conditions, the Company got
involved in the financial crisis and was unable to pay their outstanding dues to their
creditors including the banks. The creditors insisted on getting their dues from the
company but the company could not make it since it was almost bankrupt.
Version 2
The Tasks
Answer all the following questions:
10 marks
1. Define Law including contract and bankruptcy
2. Explain how Adel will deal with this matter and which authorities he will approach to
deal with this case.
40 marks
3. Assume that you are an advisory consultant for Amber and sons, how will you
advise Amber and Sons regarding this case? Explain the steps.
30 marks
10 marks
4. Conclusion (summarize question 2 and 3)
5. References: Follow Harvard system referencing (minimum 5 references)
10 marks
Guidelines to Students:
Style and Format
Write down the exact number of words at the end of your essay. You may include diagrams,
figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length
will be imposed. The first page must be designed as a cover page name, student ID and
batch. Computer format is compulsory. Make sure you use a consistent format for your
essay (font, font size, margins etc.).
Referencing Style for the Assessment
In the text of your assignment if you quote directly from an article, journal or book this should
appear in quotation marks (…). The source should then be acknowledged by stating the
authors last name and date in brackets at the end of the quotation, e.g. (Rushmore & de
Roos, 2002).
Version 2
Page 5
If you paraphrase or reword from a journal, article or book the source should either be
acknowledged within the sentence, e.g.
According to Kasavana& Brooks (2001), revenue management is……or at the end of the
sentence before the full stop, e.g. (Kasavana& Brooks, 2001).
At the end of the assignment all references should be listed on a separate page headed
REFERENCES. Make sure that all references are complete; and that all references
mentioned in the text are given in the list of references and vice versa. Any items not cited
should be listed separately under BIBLIOGRAPHY or FURTHER READING using the
Harvard referencing style.
Note: The Universitys normal regulations on plagiarism, lateness and word count will
apply to this assignment. Refer to the following websites for more information.
http://www.staffs.ac.uk/student information/09-al-academicPDF/pl.pdf
Please note, marking is subject to both internal and external moderation and the mark
awarded represents the professional judgment of the examiner.
Plagiarism Warning
Contrary to some student rumors, getting caught and being punished for committing
plagiarism is not an extremely unusual student offence. We at the GULFCOLLEGE consider
this issue as a serious problem and treated as a plagiarism case.
What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is a form of cheating in which students use the work of others and present it as
their own.
Here are just examples of plagiarism:
Copy extensively from the work of others (from sources such as books, magazines,
journals, web-sites for example) and submit the work as your own. NB It is acceptable to
refer to the work of others as long as you do not use too much, and reference your
sources properly. If you do not know how to do this, please follow the guidelines given in
the document entitled Adding quotations and references to your written work’on the web-
site at this address:
Copy another students work and submit it for assessment under your own name.
Allow another student to copy your work and they then submit it for assessment under
their name
This last item is of particular importance; few students seem to understand what it means. You
should be aware that if, for example, you allow another student to borrow your work and they
subsequently copy some that work and present it as their own, you and they will both be
punished even though someone else copied your work.
Page 6
Version 2
Module Title: Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business
Module Code : BLB500001-4
Module Leader: Abdul Rauf Mohammad Aga
: 100\%
Submission Time and Date: From 1st to 3rd January 2016
You should hand in one copy of your assignment by the time and date mentioned above to the
appropriate hand-in location” at the Gulf College. Fill in the front cover (staple together with
your assignment). MAKE SURE that you fill in all the relevant details on this form. And
acknowledgement will be given to you upon receiving your assignment. This is your receipt,
keep it. You can submit work by post, but you must send it recorded delivery, it must be
postmarked two days before the deadline date and a copy must be kept by you in case it is
lost in the post. Faxed assignments will not be accepted.
Assignments must be submitted by the due date. The only circumstance in which assignments
can be submitted late is if an extenuating circumstances form is submitted at the same time.
In these circumstances work may be submitted up to 5 working days late only. If the
extenuating circumstances are upheld, the assignment will be graded; otherwise a 0 will be
Maximum Word Length:
1500 words
State the number of words used at the end of your assignment. You may include diagrams,
figures etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be
imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded. Please take this
no penalty
10\% reduction in the mark
20\% reduction in the mark
the work will be capped at a pass i.e. 40\%
NB. None of the above penalties will be used to change a student mark which is above the
pass mark, to one that is below the pass mark. Therefore, the maximum penalty for
exceeding the word limit will be a reduction to a pass grade.
Assessment Criteria
To achieve a Pass grade of 40\% or above
In order to achieve a pass grade the student will have demonstrated an understanding of the
concepts and principles of laws at an introductory level. The work produced must apply appropriate
Version 2
Page 2

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