discuss what you learned about the social determinants of health (elaborate on each social determinant) and the links between health and behaviors. Please share what you learned through your research paper and what if anything you will do differently as a result of what you learned. What was your biggest takeaway this semester? Reflect on the ABCsof Life, name three situations or people who you want to create a new experience for. If you could take this course again what would you do differently.this is an essay….it must be well written, thoughtful, grammar and spelling counts.and please dont plagiarize and If you want to use sources or references use your own words.# I attached my research papers, If you want to use it.# please make the essay simple and easy to understand.1
Psychological Health
Psychological health is also referred to as mental health. It is the state of having no
mental illnesses. Some also refer it to be the level of psychological wellbeing of a person. A
person who is psychologically fit has their mind functioning to satisfactory levels. It is
inclusive of emotional as well as adjustments in behaviour. According to positive
psychology, psychological health would include the ability of a person to enjoy life. An
extension of this is to have a balance between the activities in life and their determinations in
the achievement of mental flexibility. About World Health Organisations, psychological
health covers apparent self-efficacy, perform of a person, their level of mental independence
among others (Penley, Tomaka & Wiebe, 2002). An individual who does not have
psychological problems can realise their personal abilities as well as capabilities.
Besides, psychological health incorporates one’s ability to copes with their personal
stress. People who are psychologically fit are productive members of the society for they do
not have anything to hinder their performance. Good mental health empowers a person with
the ability to perform towards self-actualization for they do not have anything to destruct
their mind. Those who are mentally fit are free from stress and depression, and they are likely
to fulfil their relationship with other people whom they relate. They have the power to adapt
to changes that take place in day to day lives. The advantage associated with this is that the
world is dynamic and everything keeps on changing. It is thus essential for one to have the
ability to adapt to the changes in the world. Psychological health guarantees an individual the
power to adjust to such variation in the globe.
The first psychologist to invent the term mental hygiene was William Sweetser. It was
in the mid of 19th century; the term used to refer to positive mental health. An associate
member of American psychiatrist Association, Isaac Ray, used the term mental hygiene and
referred it to as the preservation of person’s mind against all influences as well as incidences
that can limit its functioning. Dorothea Dix existed between 1802 and 1887; the teacher was
an important figure in that she assisted in the development of the mental hygiene
organisation. The teacher was known for helping people who had psychological problems.
Before the lower of the group, it was common that people who suffered psychological
problems were set aside and neglected by the society. No one was assigned to care for them.
As a result, they would suffer even much more to the point that most of them ended up going
out of existence.
The efforts of the teacher brought about great change in the way people viewed the
victims of psychological challenges. There was an increase in the number of patients who
came to seek help, and as a result, most of the patients received less support since the
facilities were not enough. Clifford Beers initiated Mental Health America at early 20th
century. It was the committee in this organisation that first opened a mental health clinic in
America. This organisation dealt with issues that concerned social hygiene of a person. Most
of the people benefited from this since victims of psychological illnesses would be helped
and made productive in the society. After mental hygiene had been found to be more
effective, it was progressively replaced by psychological health as a result of its positive
features that involved treatment, preventive measures as well as areas that promoted
psychological health care in general.
Mental health is a wide topic that covers a variety of aspects human life. There are
those features that are distinctive to mental health. The key aspects are discussed herein in the
paper. The first one is effective self-perception. The aspects cover the facilities to coach and
learning on how to alter persons’ attitude towards themselves. It is through self-observation
of one’s behaviour as well as realising what makes them recognise contrary acts, which helps
one to modify attitude towards themselves (Blustein, 2008). The challenge is then to alter the
negative perceptions to view things positively. The next aspect is self-esteem and acceptance.
Self-awareness and acceptance make on gain self-esteem. It is very crucial for an individual
to reflect on themselves and accept the way they are. It guarantees a person a feeling of selfacceptance and feeling self-love. One is likely to have some positive opinions towards
themselves that in turn influences their behaviours. The advantage of this aspect is that one
can accept things that they perceive negatively. That kind of acceptance makes the mind free
from stress and depression and thus psychological health is enhanced.
Next is control of behaviour. Being aware of the action and the ability to manage it is
crucial in improving the level of one’s mental performance. For a person to have good
psychological health, they then must have that ability to control their behaviours and shape
them to better ones. Trues insight of the world serves as our next aspect. We all view things
in the wold differently depending on our individual differences. People assign some insight
towards the world they are in due to the kind of experiences they have on it. For instance, a
student might-might have opinions that school life is harsh depending on how the school
experiences are. They might be stressed by the fact that they are not comfortable in that
particular place. To avoid psychological illnesses, people should view world experiences
positively and try to adapt to it.
There is the aspect of sustaining relationships with other and giving affection.To
strengthen mental health its crucial to see yourself great and avoid things that will make you
feel futile. Once one has strengthened their relationship with others gives them a sense of
belonging and they are relieved of depression and other psychological problems (Blustein,
2008). It is thus important to uphold and find ways to strengthen the positive relationship in
places of work, school environment as well as other fields. A person who relates well with
others feels relaxed and happy always. The last aspect is self-direction and productivity. It
deals with having an intrinsic motivation to propel one towards the achievement of the goals.
The significance associated with this is that it improves the productivity of a person. Being
self-motivated will make a person occupied by positive thoughts throughout their life, and
thus there is no room for conflict within themselves. It ensures that the mental state of a
person is healthy throughout.
Psychological health is associated with several impacts on the lives of people. Being
the state of persons’ mind, it can largely influence them to performing things differently.
College students suffer psychological problems mainly because their mind is occupied. Being
young, students have a lot to think about relating to their future. They also have to think
about their studies. Average student is stressed whenever their performance doesn’t satisfy
them (Keng, Smoski & Robins, 2011). In case the student suffers psychological problems
they are likely to lover their performance in school and life in general. Some students get
very stressed to the point that they can’t bare the weight and they end up dropping out of
Women in the society tend to bare much stress as compared to men. The reason being,
in the current world roles, is changing and most of them are becoming the bread winner of
their respective families. The end up suffering a lot psychologically due to continuous
thinking about the wellbeing of their families. If not supported well, women might end up
becoming victims of psychological disorders because their mind is subjected to harsh
conditions throughout. It is alleged that most women have great love towards their families as
compared to men and thus they it is not possible for them to denounce the roles they have. As
a result, some may suffer depression and other challenges associated with psychological
health and thus become unproductive in the society. It is thus wise to control the disease and
at the same time find an effective cure to assist those who have psychological challenges as
this will promote the productivity of the whole society and promote healthy living (Keng,
Smoski & Robins, 2011).
Blustein, D. L. (2008). The role of work in psychological health and well-being: a
conceptual, historical, and public policy perspective. American Psychologist, 63(4),
Keng, S. L., Smoski, M. J., & Robins, C. J. (2011). Effects of mindfulness on psychological
health: A review of empirical studies. Clinical psychology review, 31(6), 1041-1056.
Penley, J. A., Tomaka, J., & Wiebe, J. S. (2002). The association of coping to physical and
psychological health outcomes: A meta-analytic review. Journal of behavioral
medicine, 25(6), 551-603.

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