Part 1 was already completed.Part 2 is what needs completed. Create a proposal for a third-party processing site for the company Pixel.Some hints and guideline is included in the grading rubric for part 2. You dont need to create the coversheet, table of contents, etc. But please include your sources.Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT540
Unit: 4
Points: 136
Unit 4 Assignment
Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Analyze a business’s operations to identify mission critical applications.
Outline the process for implementing an alternate site.
Describe routing, naming, and addressing issues for an alternate site.
Define the steps for doing a walk-through for bringing up the alternate site.
Develop the most cost-effective design for the alternate site.
Plan for cutting over to and cutting back from the alternate site.
Course outcome:
IT540-3: Develop a computer network disaster recovery plan.
PC 2.2: Formulate innovative solutions for identified initiatives.
Design an Alternative Processing Site for Pixel
Your paper should be 8–10 pages of content, in APA and include a cover sheet, table of
contents, abstract, and reference pages. Be sure to document your content with proper APA in
text citations that match your reference list.
Part 1:
Respond to the following:

An alternate processing site is often located at a third party data center.
Consider the security implications to a client’s equipment racks under such conditions.
Is a firewall needed? How about remote access?
What is the physical security provided at the hosting company?
Write down these questions and your essay responses. Include them in your Assignment.
Part 2:
Pixel has asked you to develop a proposal for an Alternative Processing Site.
Copyright Kaplan University
Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT540

Unit: 4
Points: 136
Conduct research on the latest technologies for Alternative Processing Sites.
Determine who the company’s stakeholders are.
Using the results of your research, develop the request for proposal that best meets the
stakeholder’s requirements and incorporates innovative technologies.
Within your proposal you must also consider cost and what Pixel can afford.
Develop and document the requirements for Pixel’s alternate processing site.
Identify the mission critical services and indicate services that are not provided at the
alternate site. The plan must include all data security issues.
Create and document the design, and do walkthroughs for building the alternate site to
ensure that there are no omissions and errors.
Document the activation process for the alternate processing site.
Document the hand-back process.
The information you need about Pixel is as follows:
Consider the LAN for a small 100-person business, Pixel Inc. The business occupies one floor in an
office building. Everybody has a computer on his or her desk, and there are servers for the W eb, file
& print sharing, email, database, and a small 3D render farm, a rack of 20 dual processor Xeon®
servers running Red Hat® Linux that generates the actual high-resolution video animations that
Pixel produces for its clients. The desktop systems consist of Apple Mac Pro desktops running
Mac® OS X Leopard® for the creative staff, and Windows 8.1® PC computers for general use.
The servers are Windows Server 2012 running Microsoft Exchange®, Web server, and file and
print service.
The network is gigabit
Ethernet and the network hardware is a mixture from Cisco® and Hewlett-Packard®.
Employees, business partners, and clients may visit Pixel’s office with laptop computers in order
to collaborate on projects. The laptops will obtain their IP configuration from the DHCP server at
Pixel has 10 megabit/second Internet access, and uses a SOHO firewall that doubles as a DHCP
server. This firewall filters out Internet-based attempts to access Pixel’s servers and desktop
computers, but admits email, web, and SFTP (Secure FTP) traffic destined for specifically
hardened servers.
Copyright Kaplan University
Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT540
Unit: 4
Points: 136
Pixel produces short animation movies for advertiser clients. These clients are located
worldwide and need to communicate securely with Pixel as they collaborate on their advertising
shorts. Pixel uses its high- speed Internet connection both to support the exchange of movie
shorts as well as for email and general Internet web connectivity.
The network has the following additional specifications:

The network is all TCP/IP based.
The network is based on Cisco routers and switches.
All desktop computers include email, Web, database access, and office productivity software.
Creative users also have multimedia authoring software installed.
All server and critical network equipment is in a secure server room.
Printers are located around the office area.
The multimedia department uses high-end workstations for video rendering and animation.
A load-balancing dual firewall connects the network to the Internet.
Security Policy:

All email must be secure so it cannot be inadvertently sent to the wrong party or intercepted.
All network resources and equipment must be password protected.
Company equipment may not be used for personal business.
All W indows-based PCs must run approved anti-virus and antispyware programs.
All servers and desktops should run host-based intrusion detection software.
Clients may use the Secure FTP (SFTP) server to send or receive multimedia files
but under no circumstances should one client be able to view the files of any other
The mail server must be configured not to forward email that originated on the Internet.
Password aging must be enforced on all servers and desktops.
All server configurations must be readily available to rebuild a failed system.
Offsite backup is required, with 24/7 access to that location.
All employees will demonstrate they understand the security policy.
There will be a security officer who reports directly to the CEO of Pixel.
Copyright Kaplan University
Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT540
Unit: 4
Points: 136
Be sure that you capture the following information in your report:

List of mission critical applications, list of non-critical applications dropped
New technologies for Alternative Processing Sites are utilized
The needs of Pixel’s stakeholders are considered within the plan
A Plan for updating alternate processing site software during normal operation
Documentation showing a simple rack diagram and a network diagram
Network configuration info (IP, DNS, MX)
Power consumption estimates
Bandwidth estimates
Information security architecture (firewalls, VPNs)
Plan for cutting over to the alternate plan
Plan for cutting back to the main site (a.k.a. hand back)
Assignment Requirements:

Answers contain sufficient information to adequately answer the questions
No spelling errors
No grammar errors
*Two points will be deducted from grade for each occurrence of not meeting these requirements.
For more information and example of APA formatting, see the resources in Doc sharing or visit the
KU W riting Center from the KU Homepage.
Also review the KU Policy on Plagiarism. This policy will be strictly enforced on all applicable
assignments and discussion posts. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.
Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity.
Assignment Grading Rubric =136 points
Copyright Kaplan University
Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT540
Unit: 4
Points: 136
Project Requirements
Part 1:
Is a firewall needed?
How about remote access?
What is the physical security provided at the hosting company?
Part 2:
1. The proposal is complete and contains all of the 11 sections as indicated
in the assignment description. Each section contains substantive material
appropriate to the section.
2. The proposal correctly identifies mission critical services provided by the
alternate site and non- mission critical services that can be left out.
3. The proposal includes the use of new technologies for Alternative
Processing Sites.
4.The student has considered the needs of all stakeholders within the
5. The cut-off process is completely and accurately documented.
6. The hand-back process is completely and accurately documented.
Column Total
Less deduction taken for spelling, grammar and APA errors. Plagiarism is totally
New total after deductions
Copyright Kaplan University

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